Hi there,

I am

Tom Kirchner


I build and make things for a living.

Everytime, all the time.

From wood. Metal. Old and new Materials.

My workshop is located in Düsseldorf, Germany.

I never want to stop learning.

That's why I am seeking new Projects and challenges,

pushing my boundaries step by step.

Becoming a better maker with each single project.


WHat I do

My main interest is in building bespoke furniture for customers, friends and myself.

I focus on traditional crafts and machinery, as well as on digital fabrication using a CNC and my Shaper Origin.


The final result of my work is as important as the process. Therefore I am documenting my work visually the best way I can using my phone and Camera.

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My workshop

Ever since I started making things I wanted to have my own workshop. For over ten years now I have been working in different workshops.

In 2018 I decided it is time to put all my money and effort into  the current shop. What you see now is my dream coming true.

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Please get in touch if you have questions about my work or if you're looking for custom made furniture in or around

DÜsseldorf, Germany!

Thanks for your message